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The care plans and risk assessments had been regularly reviewed and updated to reflect people’s changing needs. One person said, “My needs are well met and I am happy with my care plan.” Another person said, “I get a choice of what I want to do and eat, the food is always good, the staff ask me what I like.”

Care Quality Commission Inspection Report

Little Wakering House is a high quality provider of residential care for people with learning difficulties and mental health needs.

We provide services for individuals who have been referred to us by many different local authorities. They choose us because we provide a fairly priced service that provides expert care and supported living with a 2:1 staffing ratio – with the aim of helping individuals become as independent as possible and enjoy the highest quality of life.

Before any resident comes to us, we agree a comprehensive Care Plan with sets out the assessed needs of the individual, the objectives of the placement and how they are to be met. Two key workers are responsible for implementing this plan and providing day-to-day care for the individual, including regular one-to-one sessions for advice, guidance and support. Each person also has access to an allocated social worker and advocate, where needed.

Each Care Plan also sets out contributions to made by a special ‘partnership of care’, comprising provision from other agencies such as therapists, specialist health workers and education providers. We also provide assistance with supported living, such as helping people fulfil daily routines, go to clubs and day centres and travel to and from work. We also provide regular recreational trips for all residents.

We are very happy to talk to you in detail about our services, to give you a tour of our facilities and to introduce you to our expert staff. We are also happy to provide feedback and references from local authorities that have first-hand experience of our service.

I would not hesitate to recommend LWH to other social workers looking for residential placement. The staff and management have provided an environment which has nurtured strengths and given boundaries to a young man who has not found this in many other residential settings.

Social Worker

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